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Meeting The Needs Of Home Owners. Tapping Into New Profitable Markets.

Making Homes Profitable Since 2016

At EdenStay Homes, we provide owners with a third option to build wealth and passive income with their properties: short-term rentals. We are experts in the short-term rental market available through platforms like Airbnb, VRBO/Homewaway and Booking.com, providing higher returns, more flexibility and less stress than long-term rentals or selling your home.

Our Guidance

Licensing & Legal

We keep you informed about the laws, licenses, and insurance requirements necessary to run a short-term rental.

Project Management

We coordinate teams of suppliers, designers, and  handymen to get your home rental ready in record time.


Rental Intelligence

We recommend and integrate wireless  electronic access and control for home security and efficiency.

Property Identification

We help you determine the best areas to run a short-term rental, and provide a full report to maximize income.

Property Consultation

We provide an in-depth analysis of short-term rental success factors including amenities and design.


Property Acquisition

We work with trusted agents that specialize in investment properties to facilitate home transactions.

Why Choose Us

Short-Term Rental Experts

We regularly exceed the average returns of comparable short-term rental management companies through diligence, analysis and responsiveness.

Comprehensive Service

Our goal has always been to build a system so that you don’t have to lift a finger. We offer everything from purchasing a home to filing taxes to make that possible.

Personal Touch

Our vision is working with a small, dedicated group of homeowners. We believe in growing deep rather than wide, in order to have a connection with each owner.

Our Philosophy


Kingdom Business Practice

We believe doing good by our neighbors, praying for our clients, and being upstanding businessmen is a way of life. We bring these values into our work.


Teamwork Matters

We believe that everyone has a part to play. Our role is to be the conductor that directs and coaches cleaners, handymen, office staff and owners towards success.


The Horizon Of Excellence

We believe excellence is not a destination, but a pursuit. We are never satisfied with the success we have, but continue to tweak, fix, and shift the system to make each home even more profitable.

Our Team

Josh Hill

Josh Hill


Henry Dotson

Henry Dotson


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